Monday to Friday, train stations are jam-packed with office workers. The early hours of the morning provide a great time for product sampling. Do it and get product samples into peoples hands and ultimately on their desks.

London train and tube stations have a consistent flow of traffic through the key stations making it a high-reach zone.

Train stations outside London have greater off peak and times and this is when it is really important to be able to get your staff to go off and give your product samples out to consumers on the busy high street or get it into the kitchens, fridges or desks at near-by office blocks.

Product sampling at train stations is great for brands and products that are looking for low engagement and high volume samples.

Most train stations and tube station locations have a relatively small area for product sampling. This can range from 2m x 2m up to 5m x 4m. The smaller zones are more common in the vast majority of stations.

Product sampling at train stations need sampling equipment that can clearly advertise your brand and also be really simple and easy to distribute the product from.  You have a wide choice of options from: sampling bins to sampling bags, hawker trays, insulated holster packs,  sampling jet packs, mobile beverage dispensers, promotional vehicles, portable bars and pop-up stands. You can even create a completely bespoke design if your creative budget allows for it.

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