Play Hard: The Power of Experiential for Toy Brands

By October 20, 2016General

Numerous research studies have been conducted in an effort to prove the connection that exists between early childhood development, and learning through play.

These studies have consistently demonstrated strong links between games and toys that encourage problem-solving and creativity in children, and an ability to excel in cognitive, social, physical, and language-oriented tasks.

The influential brands of today are new introducing new solutions for children who want to grow and learn through play – developing toys that are designed to expand young minds and get them interacting with all of their senses.

Of course, the best way to demonstrate the experience-based benefits of these toys is to advertise them using a method reliant on experience.

Enter experiential marketing.

Experiential Toy Trends

Toys designed for education aren’t a new concept – but the way that companies are choosing to market those toys has changed in recent years, as brands begin to recognise the benefit of putting experience first – particularly when dealing with children.

The most important thing to remember about toys – is that their primary audience is children and parents. Children can’t be sold to with schemes and clever words – they’re all about having fun.

In the same way, parents don’t want to be told what a toy can do for their child – they want to see the interaction that exists between playing and learning for themselves. Experiential marketing allows a “try before you buy” concept that delivers fun for kids, and a vital opportunity for parents to see the benefits their child can experience with education-based toys.

Examples of Toy-based Experiential

Brands from across the world are now embracing experiential as a way of introducing the truth of educational toys to parents and kids alike. For instance, Hot Wheels recently created a “Epic Race” campaign that focused on the importance of creativity for child development.

The scheme involved allowing children to race their favourite toys on amazing tracks in an immersive and hands-on experience.

In the same vein, Hasbro launched a “Transformers roadshow”, at the Sunderland International Airshow as a way of encouraging consumers to get up close and personal with the new toy range, and take a look at what the latest robots were capable of.

It seems that, whether they’re promoting education or fun, if toy brands can use experiential marketing to inspire children and their parents, then they’ll promote the loyalty they need for long-lasting customer satisfaction.

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