Wow what a year it’s been for sampling in 2013. We’ve seen some really impressive campaigns over the last 12 months. Take the Rentokil Pop Up ‘Pestaurant’ in London this summer. As well as dishing out tips on how to  avoid pest related problems, customers were invited to try an array of edible bugs in the shape of Wasabi Weaver Ants, BBQ Grasshoppers and Crunchy Cricket Snacks to name a few.

Or what about the Douwe Egberts coffee vendor sampling which dispensed free hot cups of coffee, to lucky yawning customers, via facial recognition software.

And let’s not forgot the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck back on British streets this year. The famous branded red truck has been on tour across the UK, since the end of November bringing festive cheer and an ice cold sample of Coca-Cola or Diet Coke.