Making your ad campaigns mobile-friendly

By June 5, 2017General

Mobile technology is one of the fastest growing forms of media with 85% of UK adults (aged between 18 and 49) using more than one device at once, according to a report commissioned by Google.

Whether they’re on a tablet, a smartphone, a phablet or an iPod, users are consuming content on the go, around the clock. So when you’re planning your marketing and PR strategy, make sure it’s mobile-focused.

Being able to get your brand and business in front of people 24/7 is pretty exciting, but the amount of content online is overwhelming; so the need to get creative and be impactful is more important than ever.

Where should you start?

Above all, you should continue to tell your brand story and make emotional connections with people, just as you would in traditional marketing channels.

Make your campaigns more instantaneous than ever: your videos should be short and sweet and your social media posts must be snappy, targeted and relevant. On top of all this it’s time to embrace the notion of ‘shoppable’ ads.

Why are ‘shoppable’ ads important for mobile?

We know that shoppers love to use their mobile devices for research, and often use other platforms to actually make their purchase; but towards the end of 2015 and early 2016 this trend was beginning to slow, with 51% of UK online retail sales taking place on smartphones and tablets.

If shoppers are increasingly going to Facebook to look for and discover products on the platform, it’s more important than ever to interweave ecommerce with social media.

People want to discover and explore new products whenever and wherever they go, so ads should load quickly and give customers the chance to shop around quickly and easily and complete their purchase on. Put simply, your ad experience has to be the ultimate in user-friendliness if it’s going to be successful on mobile.

When it comes to shopping on a mobile device, brands still need to do a lot more work. Don’t risk people walking away from your content without taking some sort of action.

If something is stopping them from actually purchasing there and then, give them the option to save their shopping cart, email their selections, or create a wishlist, so that they can follow where they left off on their desktop.

All of these factors will play a massive part in optimising the user experience on mobile and maximising sales.

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