Jaguar roars into Heathrow T5 with experiential campaign

By May 26, 2016General

An experiential campaign is great for turning your business into a memorable brand.

You see, marketing luxury goods is hard. As soon as you charge more than another brand for what is essentially the same product on the surface, you lose the biggest bargaining chip of them all: price.

You have to persuade people to choose your product for reasons other than its price tag, i.e. its quality, its rarity, the way it makes you look socially.

The more you make your experiential marketing activation feel like an exclusive event, the better, as luxury consumers are used to experiencing things others don’t get to experience.


And this is exactly what Jaguar is doing with its four-week experiential campaign at Heathrow Airport, to support the global launch of its first high-performance SUV – the F-PACE.

To bring the F-PACE to life and enable customers to feel what the car is like to drive, Jaguar has implemented an experiential campaign at Terminal 5 – which happens to be Heathrow’s busiest, welcoming over 16 million travellers each year.

Located in the departure lounge, Jaguar has fitted an unmissable 7m x 2.1m unit, displaying two lenticular visuals of the F-PACE at a 1:1 scale, which showcase its superb architecture and spacious interior.

3D motion graphics change with the movement of the viewer, providing depth and animation. The experience brings consumers as close as they can get to driving an F-PACE without actually driving one.

In addition to the eye catching visuals, with this experiential campaign, passengers can learn more about the features of the F-PACE instantaneously, by connecting to the Jaguar Wi-Fi hotspot on their mobile.

After watching a short piece of content, passengers are directed to the F-PACE website, where they can learn more about t he technology, features, and most importantly, book a test drive.

With an AB profile of 51% and an average dwell time of 147 minutes per passenger, Heathrow’s Terminal 5 is the perfect location for Jaguar to reach its target audience.

The airport environment is unique in delivering an affluent, influential audience actively seeking distraction and interaction – the perfect setting for an experiential campaign.

And Heathrow, as well as being an iconic brand, is one of the busiest airports in the world. What better place to create an engaging installation for a brand as iconic as Jaguar?

If you want to see the F-PACE in its full virtual glory, the experiential campaign will be running in Terminal 5 until June 5th.

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