Is There a Cheap Way to Implement Experiential Marketing?

By August 25, 2016General

One of the biggest problems that brands face when it comes to approaching the idea of experiential marketing as part of their awareness strategy, is that experienced-based advertising seems to be an expensive, and time-consuming way to leverage engagement.

However, though experiential marketing might seem like a space restricted for the high-rollers of the marketing sphere, the truth is that it’s actually an open house for companies of all budgets and sizes. The only roadblock stopping you from experiential success, is yourself, and the limits of your creativity.

There are countless methods available for creating an experiential marketing program that won’t overwhelm your budget. Following are just a couple of inspirational ideas that might help you to get started.

1.   Try Sampling

While samples might not be a viable option for service-based companies, they are a great solution for brands seeking a quick way to get their product into the hands of consumers.

In a competitive market, it can be tough to get your consumers to take a chance on a product they’ve never heard of, which is why sampling is such a useful opportunity when it comes to engaging consumers outside of their comfort zone.

While sampling might not be the most exciting, or glamorous of experiential marketing techniques, it is one that is often quite affordable and easy to access. There’s no need for fancy cars, events, or celebrity presence – all you need is a couple of brand ambassadors to distribute your product at target locations.
2.   Use a One-Off Stunt

If you’ve ever seen a flash mob, then the chances are it held your attention long enough to make you want to find out more about the brand, or organisation that made it happen.

Nothing lights up social media quite like a public spectacle, so a quick one-off stunt could be the solution you need to deliver the viral element every modern business aches to achieve.

While there’s no guarantee that your stunt will exceed – a one off option will be less expensive than a huge event, and it can be the lightning bolt of life your company needs when executed properly.

3.   Try a Pop-Up Shop

If you’ve got an incredible product to show off, a small and exclusive pop-up shop temporarily launched in a specific area can help draw attention to your brand.

The limited-time nature of a popup shop helps to generate interest and conversation among social circles, meaning that the reduced cost in only having to run your event for a number of days, helps to contribute to the success of the campaign.

The more exclusive, limited, and unusual your popup shop is, the more likely it is to earn attention, as those who have the chance to experience it will consider themselves to be part of the “lucky few”.

Just remember to advertise the event clearly on social media so people know when to look out for it.

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