How to keep your promotional staff motivated at a trade show

By August 5, 2015General

If you’re hiring promotional staff to represent your brand at a trade show, you’re going to want a team that will stay motivated and enthusiastic throughout the event right? Of course!

However, promotional staff are only human, and even the keenest brand ambassadors will need a little motivational boost from time to time – especially during slow moments, or at the end of the day.

Here are some tips to keep energy and motivation levels up throughout the day:

Find the right people

It starts way before the show, by hiring the right people. You want enthusiastic, confident individuals who have the right skills for your event. For example, will the staff need to present to large crowds? Carry out product demonstrations to small groups? Or will they need to engage with clients one-to-one? These all require different skill-sets. And hiring people with the wrong skills for the task means that they won’t be as confident, which can lead to motivation slipping.

Keep them busy

There’s a natural ebb and flow at exhibitions, as to the number of people passing by. As the end of the day draws nearer, they naturally get quieter.

It can be difficult to keep the energy flowing when there isn’t anything to do, so make sure you keep your staff busy.

Here are some useful ways your promotional staff can use the quiet periods:

Competitor research

Ask staff to walk around the exhibition hall and note what your competitors are doing and how they’re promoting their services or products. This is great fodder for post event evaluation.


Ask staff to use the quieter periods to tidy the stand, stock up on product samples, and have everything in place for the following day.

Data collation

If your staff have collated data from business cards/registration forms, get them to enter the information on a database or excel spreadsheet that you can upload to your systems once back in the office.

Keep them fed and watered

Make sure that there’s plenty of water and snacks available for your promotions staff, and give them regular breaks away from their duties so that they don’t get tired.

Whilst your promotional staff will no doubt come prepared for the day, offering them additional comforts is an excellent motivator, simply because it shows that you care.

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