Food for thought: creative pop-up shops

By July 18, 2016General

Pop-up shops are a firm favourite in the retail marketer’s arsenal. Brands big and small have tested the concept and reaped the benefits of the low cost, low risk experiential marketing method.

What is a pop-up shop?

A “pop-up shop” is a short-term, temporary retail event that’s literally “here today, gone tomorrow”. They’re used to create a long term, lasting impression with potential customers.

A pop-up shop allows you to communicate your brand’s promise to your customers through the use of a unique and engaging physical environment while creating an immersive shopping experience.

It’s a no-brainer tactic for new brands trying to battle their way onto the high street.

If you’re struggling with a concept for your own pop-up, here are 3 of the most creative pop ups from recent years, to inspire you.

Adidas store in a shoebox

We can think of few better ways to market a pop-up store for shoes than to build one that looks like a gigantic shoebox—and that is exactly what Adidas did in 2013.

Adidas opened a pop-up store in London that’s a scale replica of its own shoebox.

Designed to celebrate the launch of the new Stan Smith collection, in addition to selling limited edition shoes, it included a digital ‘Stan Yourself’ station, which gave people the opportunity to put their own faces on their shoes, while a 3D printing post let them make custom lace locks.


The Illy Push Button House was created by artist and architect Adam Kalkin in collaboration with the coffee giant. The pop-up, which was made entirely from recycled materials, unfurled at the push of the button.

Check out the space here as it makes its transformation from a coffee stand into a whole cargo container building, which comprises a kitchen, dining area, bedroom, living room and library.

Pop-Up hotel

Pop-ups don’t have to be shops. In 2013, Belgian company Sleeping Around introduced the world’s first “pop-up” hotel.

When guests booked a night’s stay, they needed their GPS to find it, as there was no address, no landmarks to reference, and no signs pointing them in the right direction.

That’s because Sleeping Around was a “pop-up” hotel that was constantly on the move.

Made from six 20-ft recycled shipping containers, the four bedroom hotel moved at will to new locations to provide guests with fresh views and experiences.

So if you’re thinking of creating a pop-up shop, make sure you’ve got your strategy down. Embrace the typical shop-related marketing tactics that will pay off. Pick a sensible location, know your audience, embrace trade marketing, be memorable and deliver a good customer experience.

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