3 good reasons why you should experiment with experiential

By June 6, 2016General

We sing the praises of experiential marketing all the time in this blog. And with good reason – it works.

While traditional advertising campaigns have boded well for brands over the years, experiential campaigns offer a unique advantage over the more traditional route, in that they offer your audience a chance to “feel” your brand.

This creates a much more powerful connection with the audience.

So, if you’ve not yet experimented with experiential, here are 3 great reasons to do so:

1. Authentic interaction

Any brand knows that having a product in a consumer’s hands and creating an authentic interaction with them is worth its weight in gold.

The traditional media buy idea of reaching 500,000 people for 10 seconds has taken a back seat engaging with 5000 people for 15, 20 or even 30 minutes at a time. That’s the key to creating brand advocates.

2. It appeals to millennials

Millennials are the next big thing for advertisers. They are a young, powerful, but hard to reach group that represent the next generation of consumers.

Millennials are skeptical of traditional advertising methods such as radio ads, door-to-door sales and corporate sponsorships. They see them as disingenuous. They resent people constantly trying to “sell” things to them.

Millennials want to have two-way communication with brands and get to know the people behind them and they want meaningful experiences with brands. That’s why they like social media, and it’s also why they like experiential marketing.

Millennials are all about experiences – music festivals, food and drink tastings, off-beat sporting events, even farmers or craft markets. And when they’re at those events, they like to buy.

3. It takes advantage of modern marketing technology

Experiential marketing is made for modern marketing tools, particularly social media. Sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Yelp are great for people who want to write product reviews or share information about the things you’re selling.

But the true social media gold is getting good news about your company to go viral. That’s where experiential marketing comes in.

Let’s face it – a blog post about how your software will save a busy professional time isn’t likely to generate millions of hits.

But what if you give a group of professionals an amazing night out, tie the fact that they have extra time due to your software, and ask them to post pictures on Instagram? That is much likely to go viral.

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