Shopper Marketing Experiences

By February 13, 2013


Shoppers are on the look out for new experience that can add value to their family, loved ones or themselves.

Shoppers are so inundated with messages and POS material that they switch off to most brand messages.

Shopper marketing experiences is about finding ways to make shopping fun and pleasurable again. From interactive touch screens, in-store games or competitions, product sampling, treasure hunts and more. This empowers the shopper to make decisions based on new information and makes them feel good about their shopping trip.

Our value

  • We know how to dress and utilise micro-locations to achieve results
  • We know how to encourage shoppers to get involved in activities
  • We know how to maximise sales from 300% with our tried and tested methods.
  • Our staff are trained on how to grab and keep peoples attention and drive them into action.
  • We know how to work with store managers and build relationships to maximise the results
  • We double up as your field marketing team running stock checks and identifying opportunities.
  • We can deliver multi-tiered, multi-location and multi-brand experiences nationwide

Ask us about our latest shopper research and find out what actions should you take to increase sales or footfall to your store.