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Hotcow understands how to get
people to see, touch and try you.

  • We deliver 50% greater value via our R.A.R.E Advantage™ model
  • We make sure that you get to the right people, fast
  • We engage over 20 million consumers every year
  • We turbo charge your ROI using insights and data analytics
  • We create brand experiences that makes you go WOW
  • Our customers give us 100% for client satisfaction *RAR

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Hotcow design and implement
powerful brand experiences

Our campaigns work because we create a platform to communicate with a targeted audience on a one-to-one level. We stand out because we are direct, high impact and non-traditional. We integrate the most relevant marketing strategies to form a well rounded campaign that reaches your target audience and allows them to EXPERIENCE your brand.

Hotcow are especially skilled at marketing to women. Women’’s wealth and spending power is growing exponentially. They are essentially three consumers in one: they are buying for themselves, buying for their families and in more and more cases, they are buying for business. Female customers are a powerful market to engage with. Experiential marketing is the perfect medium that appeals to women’s creative side.

Hotcow look after all the details of a campaign – we conceive, design, plan, manage, implement and assess the whole experience. We leave no stone unturned.


  1. Tell us what you want to achieve. Whether it’s a successful product launch, re-launch, increase in brand awareness, move into a new market, drive sales or just a good old fashioned party.
  2. Give us a budget.
  3. Let us develop a plan you cannot resist.
  4. Fall in love with it
  5. We implement it whilst you sit back reap the rewards of being considered the best Marketing Manager ever over a Martini in the Seychelles.