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The Brand

LG Electronics is a leading global mobile communications and information company. With its cutting edge technology and innovative design capabilities, LG Mobile creates handsets that provide an optimized mobile experience to customers around the world.

Our Challenge

LG mobile tasked Hotcow to help them launch the world’s first 3D smartphone. The brief was to reach a predominantly male 25-35 audience, by building a fun and playful campaign centered around a brand experience roadshow to generate personal interactions with the LG Optimus 3D smartphone.

Hotcow Insight

The strategy was to create a campaign message that stood out, was original and delivered an authentic lifestyle message to the target audience. The phone offered a playful, personal and immersive experience with no glasses and dual core and dual channel processors; with the core benefits being 3D movies, 3D games and 3D photo/video options. The campaign message “Playing by Yourself Just Got Better” was born.

Our strategy was to reach the audience at multiple touchpoints at work and during leisure time – spending quality time interacting with them. The location plan focused on a cluster strategy to enable the target audience to see the product multiple times during their daily lives to increase both product awareness and understanding.

What we did

The campaign strategy was delivered over 4 touch-points from July to mid September 2011. To launch the campaign, six ‘Play Pods’ were set up at Canary Wharf, where the public were invited to participate in a complete personal experience with the LG Optimus 3D in a darkened environment. Soon after, The ‘LG Play Mobile’ and The ‘LG Play Team’ were deployed to target consumers at work and during their leisure time. Running in conjunction with The Play Mobile and Play Team, The ‘LG Play Hub’ visited a variety of high footfall locations across the UK, giving customers the opportunity to experience the LG Optimus 3D in a fully immersive and engaging environment. The LG Play Hub consisted of 4 zones which were specifically designed to highlight the core features of the handset:

Quick zone – Demonstrations of the LG Optimus 3D with the LG Gurus to explain all features and benefits in greater detail.

Game zone - Asphalt 6 driving game with leader board and prizes.

Photo zone - Route 66 stage set, complete with a real life Harley Davidson Fat Boy, with staff uploading photos onto LG UK Facebook group.

Movie Zone – Cinema style seating with LG 3D Movie Premiere.

Campaign activities

Play Pods – one day
6 Play Pods with dark interiors and seating offering 3 minutes of customer interaction.

Play Mobile – 50 days
Guerrilla style vehicle activation – Created specifically for street interactions, The Play Mobile was a roaming branded truck with a lads pad environment and 8 demo handsets The Play Mobile visited 150 High Street, Event and Park locations throughout the UK.

Play Team – 72 days
Guerrilla style on-foot activation – Delivered ‘quick hit’ interactions up to 2minutes in length. Each team member was armed with 2 handsets strapped to their belts enabling them to be highly mobile and reactive in high footfall locations, including bars, pubs and High Streets.

Play Hub – 26 Days
The Play Hub visited 5 high footfall locations including Canary Wharf, The Ultimate StreetCar event at Santa Pod and Manchester Piccadilly Gardens. It was split into 4 zones, which highlighted the key handset benefits with interactions of 5 minutes and above.


The experiential campaign was integrated with PR and Digital elements. Social networking happened live on site during the daily activities from ‘@LG_Dave’ and ‘’, targeting Twitter and Facebook users.

So, what happened:

  • 3,243,000 people exposed to the brand and product (footfall plus active and passive interactions).
  • 192,948 people interacting with the brand/product (active and passive interactions).
  • 66% of primary target audience reached.
  • When asked, 90% of consumers said they had little or no awareness of the handset before their LG Optimus experience.
  • Yet, 63% left the experience loving the phone and likely to purchase.