Footfall – The golden chalice. It is what all offline retailers need if they are to survive. The more you get, the more chance you have to communicate with consumers and (hopefully) sell more products.

However, sustaining footfall, is a very real challenge.

Brands have a bunch of tools and strategies at their disposal. TV adverts, billboards, price promotions, special offers etc. All of which can certainly help to drive traffic in-store. But they offer a scattergun approach with limited engagement. One-way communications that ultimately, only drive awareness.

The reality, is that most people do not see or take advantage of these offerings. We are constantly exposed to a multitude of branded messages throughout our day and most of us find it very easy to switch off. We are aware of the various products, services & innovations that come into the marketplace – ubiquitous and repetitive brand messaging makes sure of that. But with so many options available to consumers, where is the inspiration to differentiate and choose one option over another?

The issue with the most marketing channels, is that they rarely talk to people at the right time.

If retailers could genuinely communicate with people, the moment they make a decision to go shopping and treat themselves to a new purchase, marketing spend would rapidly migrate to this strategy.

The thing is, people who are in a retail environment, are pre-disposed to shopping. They are in the retail mindset and this is the optimum moment for brands to speak to consumers.

Research tells us that 60% of people are likely to switch their decision at point of purchase. We don’t need go into the psychology behind this right now, but it is a clear demonstrator that despite any brands best efforts to woo people in-store, consumers are a fickle bunch who, like a magpie, are continually drawn to the newest shiny objects.

So what can brands do to make sure they get more people in-store?

As Experiential experts, we see our role as doing more that just getting people into your store. We see our role as getting consumers in your store, on a mission.

Creating an engaging, consumer experience does this. It pushes your brand to the the front of people’s minds at the very best moment. It created a visceral, emotional connection that compels consumers to want to know more about your brand. So, rather than feeling ‘sold to‘ they instead make their decision to go in-store and check out your latest products because they choose to.

When consumers are motivated to communicate with you on their terms, it puts your sales teams in a very powerful position.

To make this happen, we utilise 360 degree open spaces, to make sure you are visible to potential customers from every angle. Our creative teams ensure stand-out visual appeal and our installations are manned by trained, professional staff to ensure a high level of knowledge on both a product and brand level.

Experiential activity is the only marketing channel that creates a live platform for brands to have a face- to-face, 2- way conversation with consumers and talk about the intrinsic benefits their products offer.

It provides brand ambassadors with an opportunity to really understand the motivations for each individual and explain how using your product can help solve their issues or provide a sense of pleasure or satisfaction.

Sophisticated Experiential activity builds rapport with an audience and build trust in your brand. We humanise your offering in order to differentiate you from your competition.

At Hotcow, our techniques show people the ‘value in use’ of your product. We talk to people at the right time – when they are ‘in the moment’. If consumers can see that value, we then present them with an incentive to head in-store.

By doing this, we give people that mission, that urge, that motivation to take action and choose your brand over your competitors.

So the next time you have an internal discussion around how to drive more ‘in-store’ footfall, ask yourself if you are best utilising your marketing resources to achieve this? Consumers are much like sheep. If they don’t have a special to reason to be somewhere, they can be herded elsewhere.

Hotcow is a multi-award winning Experiential Marketing agency. We get brands in front of consumers in ways that persuade them to buy. We fully implement our ideas; nothing needs to be farmed out. For more information or free consultation, contact us.