Why ‘Experiential Marketing’ we hear you say!

Why Experiential MarketingWhy ‘Experiential Marketing’ we hear you say!

It’s all about a consumer demand for more more more engagement! Interacting with consumers at the right time and right place, with the right message, is proven to generate a response through increasing sales and awareness levels – but getting it right is an art!

We are no strangers to the great take-over of the online world. With a lot more brands launching online platforms from blogs to micro-sites to Facebook and Twitter, consumers are used to getting great online services – it gives them what they want, whenever they want it. This has of course upped the stakes for offline services and experiences to give the public more.

So how do we cut through the static clutter out there? Well that’s easy. We give consumers a highly memorable, meaningful and most importantly, an entertaining experience where every pound spent is measurable.

Worth-while experiences stem from great creative ideas, top-notch planning and utilisation of teams on the ground. 69% of consumers buy due to an engagement with a brand/product. Brands are beginning to spend more of the total marketing budget on engaging consumers with brands, like Nissan spending up to 40% of total budgets. Why? It’s measurable, it adds content and PR value, spreads word of mouth, encourages interaction and product trails, as well as giving back to the consumer.

How will you be engaging your consumers?

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