Why are females a brand’s biggest target group?

why are brands targeting women We love the female of the species and with women currently accounting for 80% of all purchasing decisions it seems brands should as well!

Far from just dominating the household, women are currently making and influencing purchasing decisions on cars, insurance, holidays, clothing and even medical products, positioning themselves as key targets for brands. Not even the recession can stand in their way with 78% of women willing to play full price for items they want as well as need!

With women talking and sharing brand experiences both positively and negatively a whole load more than their male counterparts, they are providing more purchasing opportunities and are positioning themselves as the group to help spread your brand message. Combined with their influence in the purchasing process, it is no wonder brands are backing girl-power!

Check out our Love Etc activity for Bodyshop – by re-engaging with women we managed to drive up in-store sales, footfall and get them talking!

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