Vauxhall moves away from traditional media

Vauxhall rejects traditional marketing A fascinating quote appeared in Marketing Magazine this morning from Alain Visser, VP sale, marketing and aftersales for Europe at Opel, as he described how the car industry had got in to bad “habits” with its use of media channels.

Vauxhall will be launching their highly-anticipated electric vehicle ‘Ampera’ next year and Visser has dismissed traditional media channels for its campaign.

He said “The industry has found it difficult to move away from the traditional television, magazines and billboards. I’ve told our marketing people, and the agencies we use, to throw all that away.”

He did go on to say there would be a focus on digital and social media but such refreshing thinking is very welcome from the perspective of experiential marketing. Non-traditional channels extend far beyond digital and social media and with cars, the experience is key.

With cars being such major purchases and such integral parts of people’s lives, an emotional connection to the product is vital and there is no better way to achieve this than with real-life, face-to-face, personal engagement.

It is great for the experiential industry so see such progressive thinking from a big player.

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