Trick or Treat? Frightening stunts to inspire your Halloween day

AMC Zombie Stunt

It’s Halloween, and there’s nothing more frightening than a terrifying marketing stunt!


To help bring on the excitement of the trick or treat madness, we’ve put together some of our favourite scary and shocking tactics used by brands over the year, which have turned into great viral ads.

AMC Network


It looks like Zombies are extremely popular this year. We loved how AMC Network let zombies loose on the streets of New York as part of the campaign ‘Put the Zombies back on TV’. The freaky guerrilla marketing stunt was done as an attempt to get their hit TV series ‘The Walking Dead’ back on Dish Network and to promote the new series, which is now back on Dish.


To raise awareness against animal testing, the cosmetics brand Lush used shock tactics to highlight what happens behind the doors of laboratories across the world. The brand invited a performance artist to simulate what animals experience when new cosmetic products are tested on them. Although the stunt evoked shock and horror from onlookers, it certainly got their point across.


To demonstrate the ‘lifelike’ colours of their new IPS monitors, LG combined nine monitors and fixed them to a floor of a lift. When ‘unsuspected’ users entered the lift, the ‘floor’ seemed to collapse under their feet, causing some to jump and grab the handrails in horrified terror. People’s reactions in this viral are great.

Alton Towers

In the run up to the opening of Alton Towers ride Nemesis Sub-Terra, the theme Park created a frightening lift experience for shoppers in Wandsworth’s Southside shopping centre. A lift floor was painted with a 3D effect to resemble a bottom-less lift and fitted with cameras to capture the innocent shoppers reactions. The resulting reactions from the public are hilarious, with people grabbing onto the side of the lift, shrieking and covering their mouth. The stunt even caught a delivery man off guard!

What’s your favourite marketing tricks and treats you’ve seen this season? Leave your comment below or tweet us your thoughts @Hotcow!

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