Trends – Is Cocooning alive and well?

Powwownow Experiential Campaign Cocooning was coined in the late 1980’s by trendspotter Faith Popcorn. She predicted an en masse retreat from social and public life in favour of “cocooning” in one’s home. The cocooning trend was commercially significant fuelling spending in homewares – home coffee machines, huge plasmas screen TV’s and anything else that provides superior in-home comfort.

In a country where we are weather dependent we live half the year going between one building to the next but in the summer time that is a whole different story, people are climbing the walls and breaking down the doors to get out and interact.

A research study by UK Music highlights that there are at least 7.7 million visits to music events in the UK contributing nearly £1bn a year to the economy in 2009. On average around 60,000 people attend major sports stadiums for match attendance contributing millions of seasonal attendees. On the increase is camping festivals, entertainment parks and interest led events.  Many parents have stated that they want to provide experiences – rather than stuff for their kids/family. With this in mind it is experiences you remember. I cannot remember a thing I bought in 1994, 2010 or at Xmas last year. But I remember the pushing through the crowds to the get to the front of the line at a music concert and getting a wink from the lead singer of 80’s band 1924.

After a hectic summer season our batteries need re-charging and we are looking at retreating back to our homely comforts and coccooning ourselves into our homely comforts once again entertaining ourselves via movies on the latest TV set, playing console games via the latest 3D technology, enjoying the perfect coffee on the latest percolator or indulging in the latest beauty treatments. Quite simply cocooning in the UK is alive and well. The question is how is your brand adapting its strategy to reflect this ongoing trend?

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