The value of Gamification in Marketing

Foursquare Social Game App Much has been discussed about the rise of gamification and branded content. A latest study from KN Dimestore and Social Vibe reveals that offering an incentive for consumers to watch or engage with a brand’s advert, increases their perception of the brand advertised.

According to the study, more than 90 percent of people pay active attention to the brand message when interacting with value-exchange advertisement; and brand perception rises an average of 38 percent after completing the incentivized engagement.

Social games can enhance people’s online experience and drive engagement in a fun and playful way. What makes people interested in these social challenges is the offering of something meaningful in exchange for interacting with a brand’s message. Therefore, the growth of gamification requires brands to create something meaningful that will add real brand value and an increased level of engagement with your audience, especially when you are offering an incentive that will make people more likely to participate and take action.

The real benefit of gamification is understanding the users behaviour and what motivates them to engage with your brand. Social Vibe research indicates that while 48 percent of people reported might initially opt-in to a brand engagement for the incentive, they ended up staying and paying attention to the brand message. Consumers aren’t interacting with an ad just to reap the rewards of a value exchange—they are indeed paying attention!

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