The salon comes home…or does it?

By February 1, 2011General, Industry News

Are John Frieda missing a trick? Last week John Frieda announced a £6m push in to the ‘home salon’ market. This appeared to us to be an interesting contrast to the recent approach taken by Tesco as they look to bring the salon to the supermarket.

John Frieda is targeting a booming market with highlighters alone set to rise to £22m in 2011. Senior Product Manager Kelly Marcham said that digital will play a big part in the campaign and went on to say how they are particularly targeting ‘mixers’ – women who get their initial colouring done at the salon, then top it up when needed at home. It is certainly an interesting tactic but are they missing a trick that Tesco picked up on by not moving the salon experience to another location?

Is ‘home salon’ a true salon experience or just a term attached to a money-saving product? We would love to see some creative influence to truly bring the salon to the home and John Frieda’s £6m investment would be a great opportunity to develop loyalty, talkability and trust with its key audience by doing just that. We hope it is not all going on digital as it is a physical, everyday product used by real people – three great ingredients for a memorable experience!

How would you make ‘home salon’ a true experience and not just a money-saving tactic?! Let us know below!

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