The home of witty banter hits the road

Dave is hitting the road This morning Marketing Magazine revealed that Entertainment TV channel Dave is launching its first brand extension activity in the form of “Dave’s Comedy Society: Live”.

In an interesting move they are setting out to “create a ‘Dave experience’, to make the audience feel as though it is ‘genuinely entering Dave’s world’ rather than simply attending a comedy event sponsored by the channel”.

The gigs will be completely immersive brand experiences with full Dave-style decor like stuffed animals, gold picture frames and flocked wallpaper. The inclusion of a dressing-up box for use in souvenir photos gives people a physical token with which to remember the experience.

The gigs will not be televised which is very interesting to us. Based on previous form it could be argued that they are missing out on some fantastic content that would amplify the activity. However, it could reflect a genuine desire by the brand to give something back to its consumers at a personal level that will result in talkability, loyalty and affection around the brand.

Julia Jordan, executive director of business and operations at UKTV said “not only does this open up new revenue streams, it also extends our ability to play an increased and more meaningful role in our consumers’ lives”. How refreshing!

It seems that “the home of witty banter” has realised that its brand can be strengthened by adding value to their consumers. The revenue opportunities are an obvious bonus of the initiative but the fact Dave is not amplifying the activity through content just gives us the sense that the brand “get” how giving people a great experience can benefit their business.

Well done Dave!

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