Tata Motors and its experiential marketing launch

By January 19, 2017General

When Tata Motors announced its new HEXA model in Mumbai recently, it did so in style. Tata used experiential marketing.

And for good reason. Apparently, the new feature-loaded car combines design with comfort. It probably does, but it’s hardly a new message in the car industry.

However, by using an experiential strategy, Tata was able to communicate the value and the benefits of the HEXA more effectively. In short, they were able to make the HEXA launch more memorable.

So, what did they do?

For starters, they gave the HEXA to a variety of influential personalities. Cricketer Dinesh Kathik, actor Rahul Bose and author Chetan Bhagat all received a car [amongst others].

But Tata didn’t stop there. They also created HEXA cafes and experience centres to attract families along for a test drive. But we’re not talking about any old café or experience centre.

This was about offering a premium service without expecting people to buy a HEXA. Tata ensured that the venues were conducive for a relaxing atmosphere, which is why these experiences weren’t just about cars. There were live performances, a kids’ zone and even a pet adoption service.

All of a sudden, this was much less a car promotion and more of a day out. And a very good one at that.

How Tata’s attention to detail continues.

There’s a congruency to Tata’s experiential marketing strategy. Take the after-care experience that they off, for instance.

When you buy a car from them, Tata Motors promises an amazing customer service by way of a 24/7 toll-free helpline and a 24/7 live web chat service.

They even provide an innovative digital service called Tata Motors Service Application to take care of the hassle that comes with physically filing service details. And let’s face it, it’s a pain, isn’t it?

But in summary, they essentially offer a collection of nice touches that all amount to a big gesture. It impresses people, taps into pain points and relieves them.

Will Tata’s experiential marketing pay off?

Time will tell, but it’s a good start. Tata is confident of making an impression in the passenger vehicle market in India. And by doing something different, they’ve created a unique position for themselves.

The benefits of experiential marketing.

When you lay out Tata’s strategy like we have in this blog post, it’s easy to see why they’ve decided to do this.

Experiential marketing is great for developing and establishing a unique position in a new marketing. So if you’re looking to sell a new product or service, you might well want to turn to experiential marketing to help you get started.

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