Targeting mums with product samples

By August 7, 2015General

Product samples and product sampling campaigns are truly effective. Who would you say is the most influential target market out there? Some of you may say ‘millennials’ (and you’d be right), but there are other audience segments that are equally as influential – one being the ‘mum’ market.

Mums are a vital target market for brands, as they are major influencers over which household brands are purchased, and they’re multi-dimensional consumers. They buy for themselves as individuals, as well as for their children, partners, and homes. And the mummy market is ever evolving, as their needs change as their children grow – from new born, to toddler, to school child and beyond.

Their spending power is therefore enormous.

How do brands reach mums?

One of the most successful ways to target mums is with product samples, and one brand that’s got it right is Bounty.

Bounty supports families in the transition to parenthood, from pregnancy through to pre-school. Their aim is to be the first place that new mums turn to for advice, reassurance and information.

Bounty’s support begins at the first visit to the midwife, where expectant mothers are given their first Bounty pack. The pack contains money off coupons, trial size packs, literature and product samples of essential items such as nappies, toothpaste and anti-bacterial sprays. But it isn’t just baby products vying for attention. Cleaning products, financial services, electrical items and clothing are all given a baby slant to try and tempt expectant mums into purchasing.

There are five Bounty packs to collect, each of which contains different product samples, tailored for a different life stage.

The Bounty pack has become a valuable source of information for mums and is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to sell their products.

The power of mums has become a force to be reckoned with, which is why brands such as Sainsburys, Aptimel, Boots and pampers are clambering over themselves to get their product samples into Bounty packs.

Baby Clubs

Another way that brands such as Boots, Pampers, Aptimel and Tescos reach mums is with their ‘baby clubs’ that mum’s sign up to, in order to receive a range of money-off vouchers and freebies. This is clever as not only do they get their product samples into the hands of mums, but the registration process captures baby’s due dates, meaning that they can determine exactly how pregnant you are, and continue to market relevant products to you for years to come.

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