A brand’s customer database is the most valuable asset and understanding how to target them is critical to devising the best approach for your sampling success.

When it comes to sampling, good targeting will lead you to immediate sales and long-term ROI. Bad targeting will result in mis-sampling, low reach and waste. So what can you do to sample your products to the right consumer? Easy – reactivate your customer base, find out what are their wants and needs and offer them good incentives.

For years brands and retailers have relied on database marketing to connect with consumers. They all have large lists of information that has been collected over the years. The problem is that consumers change opinions and preferences almost everyday. Reconnecting to your database list means winning a share of your customers’ attention and regaining their trust.

It’s always about them, not you

Developing a sampling strategy around your database list will help you to segment and filter your existing customers, as well as allow you to collect real-time data on their habits and preferences. Think of applying the ‘recency theory’ when planning your sampling experience. You may have information that no longer applies to a particular customer due to a behavioural change or other influences. When you go to mine the database, you might be targeting people who are no longer in your market and missing those who are. This will result in wastage and lost opportunities.

People want to voice their opinions now and then, so invite them to. Make your communications is interactive and easy for the consumer to engage with you. Nurture the relationship with personal approaches, whether that is from a website visit, completing a survey, social media or a live experience. Understanding why customers have become inactive will help you to come up with the best engagement and sampling approach.

Winning back old customers is a powerful strategy for any brand looking to bump-up sales. Social media and technological advances may have increased the amount of channels available to consumers, but sampling still plays a huge role in the long-term success of any business.

Here are our top tips to reconnect with your database list:

1. Use previous activity and purchase history to drive interactions
2. Identify the period of lapsed interaction and act upon it
3. Ensure your communication is consistent across all marketing touch points
4. Use creative tactics to offer them added value