Grocery multiples are a great way to reach wannabe shoppers who are on a mission to make an immediate purchase. Product sampling in front of grocery stores provides brands with much higher brand visibility and also gives consumers a message free zone to understand what you are offering before they enter the store.

Product Sampling at supermarkets is popular with brand and marketing managers who have a new product launch and need to show rate of sale, need to increase declining product sales to keep the product on shelf, to remind consumers of new ways in which they can consume their product and more.

Imagine being able to reach hundreds and thousands of shoppers across the UK, who we can influence to immediately purchase the product by invigorating their taste buds.

To ensure maximum impact and results, we conduct regular shopper surveys to get shoppers opinions on what inspires them to take a product sample, what influences them to go on and purchase, what makes one brand more memorable then another and more.

To make sure that your product sampling at supermarkets stands out we need to make sure that you have a stand or presence that visually stands out and looks interesting and appealing to people. We need to make sure that the promotional staff are welcoming and make people want to come over and ask more questions rather then standing back and looking from afar.

This could be with a bespoke giant brand pack, sampling jet packs, store entrance take over signage, large branded fridge, branded vehicles, costume characters and more. The ultimate sampling equipment and message display will be determined by the level of investment you want to put into the creative design and build.

How we get the best results is by making sure that we know all the right ques for influencing behaviour, and not leaving anything to chance.

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