Introducing the UK’S First Experiential Marketing Degree

By October 10, 2016General

We’ve known for quite some time now that experiential marketing could be the future of the brand/consumer relationship, but it seems that professional educational bodies are now taking steps to create professionals with a deeper and more clinical insight into the way that experiential marketing works.

Now, the UK’s first experiential marketing degree has been launched within the Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, following months of work that has been undertaken collaboratively with the group “TRO”.

The Collaboration with the TRO Agency

TRO is an event, or “experience” company that often work at creating brand experiences through the development of experiential programs.

In an effort to help people throughout the UK better understand the value of experiential marketing, the agency has had significant input in the development and delivery of course material within the university course degree for experiential marketing.

Particularly, it’s helped to develop the full Experiential Marketing and International Events Management course, which will focus on the real world when delivering industry advice to aspiring students.

Talent director for the TRO group – Nicky Morgan, announced that the company was highly excited to be working alongside Sheffield Hallam University in creating the very first experiential marketing degree to be offered within the UK.

She claimed that the upcoming initiative echoed the ambitions of the brand to support the academic world and nurture the onset of future talent into the industry.

The group will also be looking to provide work experience to students so that the individuals completing their experiential marketing degree will be more industry-ready when looking to make use of their new professional knowledge.

The Promise of a New Curriculum

The introduction of the very first experiential marketing degree in the UK is an exciting thing for the current market, as it suggests that more focus is being given towards actively helping students with an interest in marketing to pursue new and exciting methods of interacting with an audience on the behalf of a brand.

The principal lecturer at Sheffield Business School announced that the university has always been committed to creating exciting new curriculums alongside industry partners to make their students more employable.

We can only wait and see whether other universities will follow this school’s lead and begin to offer their own versions of experiential marketing education.

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