How Experiential Will Drive Digital Marketing in 2017

By December 8, 2016General

It’s fair to say that digital marketing represents one of the most exciting, and fast-moving industries in the world today.

While the rapid change of this particular sector means that new opportunities emerge for success and development on a daily basis, it also means that it’s difficult to plan ahead.

While it’s tough to predict the trends of the coming years with any real certainty, that doesn’t mean that we can’t pay attention to some of the movements that have been making waves in recent months, and consider the next year in relation to those successes.

Today, it seems that experiential marketing is perhaps one of the biggest influential factors to watch as we move into 2017.

The Movement to Experiential Marketing

The digital developments that have taken place recently mean that experiential marketing has become a more successful, and realistic opportunity for companies from various industries.

For instance, the fact that smart phones and mobile devices can connect to almost every other tech appliance in the home could mean that advertising can step into a truly immersive territory.

As consumers demand a deeper and more connected experience from their retailers, it makes sense that we would be moving towards the idea of a “hyper reality” where marketing is so deeply integrated into our world that it no longer feels as though we’re being “sold to” at all.

Experiential marketing can accomplish this, by creating experiences, rather than obvious marketing messages.

Experiential and VR, AR Technology

One of the primary ways in which experiential marketing will drive digital marketing during 2017, is through the use of AR and VR concepts.

From the perspective of marketing, 2016 was largely characterised by the release of two highly disruptive products: Google’s Daydream, and Pokémon Go. Both projects represented the peak of progress in terms of virtual and augmented reality.

In a world obsessed with experience, exciting and accessible technology that works to blend mobility and lifestyle enhancement is always going to succeed.

The release of various products, games, and tools in this market has great implications for the future of digital marketing.

We can expect that products and advertisements will appear more often within the virtual space as technology in these areas becomes more efficient.

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