How Can You Incorporate Virtual Reality into Your Marketing?

By January 16, 2017General

Virtual reality, or VR, represents one of the most significant industries of the modern age. According to Digi-Capital, the VR market is expected to reach approximately $30 billion by 2020.

While the idea of virtual reality has been around for some time now, it’s only recently become a realistic option for many people in terms of entertainment, and experiential marketing projects.

Today, experts appear to be constantly finding new and exciting ways to incorporate VR technology into our everyday lives. For businesses, the VR industry could represent a phenomenal platform for growth – and you don’t have to be a huge enterprise to make it work.

In fact, there are many low-budget solutions for incorporating virtual reality into your marketing strategies.

Offer a Limited Experience

Experiential marketing is huge these days – as customers are looking for experience above anything else.

If you’re trying to figure out a way that you can get more engaged with your customers, then creating a pop-up experience for local consumers where they can explore your products and services through a VR development could be the perfect option.

Here, you can invest in a few high-tech pieces of VR hardware, and hire a team to come up with a creative program that your customers can explore in depth – for as long as your pop-up runs.

Making VR Available to your Customers

All of the innovations offered by VR exist primarily within a simple device – the VR headset. This means that if you want to make VR work for your customers, beyond a temporary pop-up experience in your local area, you’ll need to ensure that your market has something in their possession that makes VR possible.

While some of the major VR options are quite expensive – and as such, not as accessible to the masses, other options like Google cardboard are cheap, simple, and even free to make yourself. You can even download the kit for your company, and build a VR experience yourself.

Branding these simple devices with your logo and distributing them to customers is bound to draw some attention.

Create a 360 Video

Finally, there’s always the option of developing a 360 video. As a relatively new concept – these videos still generate a lot of interest from viewers, making them a valuable way to establish your brand. You can use 360 video for anything from developing fantastic interviews, to creating a tour of your office, and more.

Although 360 videos can be used to enhance a VR experience, they can also be viewed without any additional hardware on a computer, or smartphone – making them completely accessible to your entire audience.

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