How are brands swaying your votes?

brands swaying your votes Anticipated events such as the 2010 General Election, undoubtedly effects the public, but it also has provided the consumer market with a platform to jump onboard with. At a time where MP’s are getting their messages out there and essentially ‘selling’ themselves, brands have been using this opportunity to tailor their products in line with the big vote.

There have been a number of election-related make overs and campaigns being launched by various brands in the lead up to this years election. Social networking sites have played a big role in getting consumers to keep mindful about the current election.

Unilever’s Marmite launched their own electoral campaign, where the public were asked to vote for the ‘Love’ or ‘Hate’ Party, which was essentially voting for or against their product. The campaign included mock-political party broadcasts, Facebook Groups, which also directed people to the online vote site.

Other brands have even redesigned products to fit the election period, such as Ben & Jerry’s launching ‘Party’ themed ice cream flavours like ‘Gordon Fudge Brownie’, ‘Cameron Chew Chew’ and ‘Clegg Cheesecake’. The ‘Daily Scoop Shop Sales’ have been tallied online to find out who had the best party flavour, and the online ‘Moofesto’ allowed the public to vote for their ice cream party leader and even print off their very own rosette to show their support.

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