Have Budweiser missed a trick?

By October 26, 2010General, Industry News

Buzz So this new Budweiser ad has been all over the marketing press (and our TV screens) for the last couple of days and it would only be rude not to get involved!

While it is undoubtedly a great looking advert that will get people talking we can’t help but think that advertising needs to be more inclusive to get people talking. At this point it is purely a push advertising campaign whereas we would LOVE it to be an engaging advert.

Giving consumers (rather than actors) the chance to engage with the brand in a real life situation would have created an entire story behind the campaign – and we know how people love a story!

Running a competition to star in the advert would have engaged with consumers right from the outset and the successful candidates would have both spread the word themselves and given an opportunity for some fantastic brand content that could be used to back the advert up.

Check out this great blog post by Max Lenderman where he talks about the latest trend for using experiential campaigns as TV spots. He concludes by saying “ Isn’t it time that commercials begin to portray authentic customer experiences, instead of glorified and often untruthful product attributes? I think so.”

We agree. In case you haven’t seen it, enjoy…

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