In the world of guerrilla marketing, there are many different tactics that you can use to promote your brand. Whether you are doing something static like street ads or installation art, or an activity using brand ambassadors, your guerrilla campaign must be unique and relevant to your brand.

If you have been following Hotcow’s blog, you know that we are constantly talking about the best guerrilla marketing strategies and creative examples from brands around the world. It is all about developing off-the-wall, unconventional ideas that will get your brand or business noticed.

Nothing has a better chance to catching the attention of your target audience than a good piece of guerrilla marketing. However, some guerrilla strategies can easily backfire, leading to negative press and fines. This is why it is important to understand which tactics will work best for your brand and make sure you won’t be caught out doing something illegal. After all, to be a God of Guerrilla Marketing you need to understand how you can surprise your audience in a positive way and make use of innovative concepts to connect with your customers in the right place, at the right time.

When it comes to guerrilla marketing everything is possible!

Guerrilla tactics are designed to punch through the clutter and be disruptive. In order to determine what tactics to use, you need to carefully look at your campaign objectives, audience and the results you want to achieve.

Guerrilla campaigns can be done on a permission or non-permission basis. It can involve street teams, outdoor postering, bumper stickers, street stencilling and surrealistic visuals. No matter which tactic you choose, to be a God of guerrilla marketing you must make sure that your campaign is: Simple. Stand out. Targeted. Shared.

We highlight some of the best guerrilla marketing tactics below:

Guerrilla advertising

This is a great way to make unusual, surrealistic visuals and situations that passers by will always remember. A perfect example is National Geographic’s bus ad “Built for the kill”.


Via Adsoftheworlds

Guerrilla stunts

Shock tactics can leave a strong impression. When you get the right mix of cool, shocking, and creative, then your ‘insane’ idea might actually pay off. There are so many examples that we can quote here but the Nivea’s Ultimate Stress Test has all the key ingredients of an amazing campaign.

Guerrilla sampling

Usually a low-cost solution that can yield high-impact and results. It can be activated at events or in high traffic areas such as busy commuter areas, tourist attractions and basically wherever the targeted demographic might be open to this type of brand engagement.

Random acts of kindness

This is a great way for brands to bring goodwill and make people smile. When it is done without cynical intention, it creates positive feelings and importantly, positive word of mouth. A simple, yet powerful video message for Global Angels charity is a great example of guerrilla marketing.

Bumper stickers

What a better way to attract the attention of car owners than targeting their cars? This example using static paper from a Dutch insurance company was created to bring awareness for their company.

Guerrilla installations

Art installations can be used to deliver a key brand message in a specific location. It can be anything that surprises and delights people and can be made by famous artists or can simply change the ordinary into the extraordinary. One great example of guerrilla installation is the Absolut Bus Shelter to promote the different flavours of vodka.