Experiential marketing that’s out-of-this-world

By July 6, 2015General

Experiential marketing and space? Sounds like a fun combination. Space is the ‘final frontier’. It’s exciting, unknown and pretty much everyone is fascinated by it.

This is why a growing number of brands are focusing their attention on the skies with their experiential marketing campaigns.

Here are a few that gained a lot of attention:

FA Treasure Hunt

Money may not grow on trees, but important match tickets do fall from the sky. Or at least they did for one lucky football fan.

To celebrate “the adventure of the Cup”, the Football Association pulled off an impressive experiential marketing campaign. They blasted two FA Cup final tickets 29,000 ft into space from a meteorological balloon in the centre circle at Wembley Stadium. After a three hour journey, the tickets descended back to earth, landing in a tree in Sussex.

The FA’s Twitter account posted a series of GPS locations as the tickets descended, creating a digital treasure hunt for football fans who tried to locate the tickets on their GPS devices and find the quickest way to retrieve them.

The person who found the tickets got to see Aston Villa take on Arsenal, and go pitchside to have their photos taken with the illustrious trophy and players.

This experiential marketing campaign was a genius way to generate buzz and traffic to the FA’s social media accounts.

Raining money

Okay it’s not quite ‘space’, but we like this campaign anyway. In 2008, money literally fell from the sky in Indonesia, and into the waiting arms of the country’s poorest residents.

The 100million rupiah, (£6,000), was dropped by author Tung Desem Waringin as a stunt to promote his book on business motivation. With the cash bundled in bills of 1,000 and 5,000 rupiah (5p/25p), he set off in a light aircraft and dropped it over a football stadium in Serang.

The result?

Tung Desem Waringin became an over-night celebrity and his book rode high in the Indonesian non-fiction charts. A clever experiential stunt.

Lynx – Apollo

In 2013, Buzz Aldrin was the face of an experiential marketing campaign by Lynx, which saw the public being offered the chance to go into space, to promote the fact that Lynx Apollo was ‘out of this world’.

The focus of the campaign was an online competition, which asked entrants to post messages explaining why they should be chosen to go to space. Social media fans were asked to vote for their favourites.

The competition received 87,000 entries, over 650,000 votes and the competition garnered over 200 pieces of coverage.

The winner will blast off later this year.

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