Enhance your ‘Brand Butlering’ skills

Brand Butlers United Biscuits Experiential Campaign By providing instant access to relevant and supportive services, brands can help add everyday value to the lives of their practical, convenience-loving consumers and, ultimately, offer them a lifestyle they will love and value.

In the modern marketing arena, it is no longer enough for brands to solely focus on mass produced, above-the-line communication. The current mobile revolution is shifting expectations towards more functionality and usability. Consumers demand a more individualised and transparent communication with brands, and companies are now required to go above and beyond the usual marketing remit, acting as a ‘butler’ to meet their needs and expectations.

Research has proven that 44% of consumers are now demanding a more engaging level of participation in product launches and campaigns. Rather than selling a standardised desirable lifestyle, brands have a responsibility to fulfil consumers expectations and enhance their ‘butlering’ skills with a caring and personalised approach, whilst predicting the future desires of consumers in both an online and offline environment.

Going that extra mile for your consumers


According to Trendwatching research, “serving is the new selling”. With the ever increasing proliferation of information available online, brands should go that extra mile to appease their savvy, well informed consumers. Trendwatching stresses the importance of considering “time, convenience, control and independence” when deciding the most accurate methods of communication with consumers, which can all be appeased through a sprinkling of Brand Butlering. But how can you enhance your butlering skills to meet your consumer’s needs?

Experiential Marketing is the perfect antidote to the fact that consumers are not only time-poor, but also desire instant gratification. Last December, we helped Veet butler to the needs of their customers, with an experiential pop-up ‘Pamper Lounge’ in Westfield, London. Once a Veet product had been purchased, the shopped-out customer was treated to a free relaxing beauty treatment and entered into a competition to win 2 VIP tickets to Vodaphone’s London Fashion Week. This campaign preempted the needs and desires of tired and weary shoppers, in order to surprise them with an unexpected experience that they won’t forget.

Apps for everything


Mobile apps are a further platform for brands to leverage their services towards consumer lifestyles, digitally servicing their every need. A recent report from mobile analytics company Distimo revealed that 91% of the top 100 global brands have created at least 1 app, demonstrating a 40% increase in branded apps in just 18 months. Furthermore, between them, these brands owned a total of 2,343 apps in 2011. Apps are becoming ever more predictive, and therefore, with the plethora of options available, there are infinite opportunities for mobile integration within your experiential marketing campaigns.

Vodafone’s ‘London’s Calling’ experiential campaign an example of a convenient branded service used to enhance consumer lifestyles. Vodafone black cab passengers are not only given the chance to charge their phones from within the taxi, but can also pay for their journey via a simple smartphone app. According to Vodafone UK Chief Executive, Guy Laurence, the campaign is “all part of Vodafone’s commitment to providing the best service in London”. This example proves that functionality, time-saving and intuition in regards to the needs of consumers are the perfect ingredients to Vodafone’s Brand Butler success.

Hotcow’s top tips to becoming a successful Brand Butler


Transparency and 2 way communications: Being honest and communicative with your consumers means you will gain valid insight into their needs and desires.

Effective touch points: You should approach consumers at the most effective and relevant touch points in their life.

Think outside the box: Offer unexpected branded services to consumers, surprising them with engaging and exciting activities.
Be savvy: Be one step ahead of your consumers, and tell them what they need!

Functionality: Don’t be overly fussy in your service offerings. Whilst your brand must shine, you should focus on usability factor and relevance to your consumers.

Do you have the Brand Butler factor? Which Brand Butler tools and services does your company offer to service the needs and desires of your consumers? Tweet us your thoughts @Hotcow!

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