Dermablend’s ‘Go Beyond the Cover’ campaign:  Halloween vs Zombie Boy

Dearmablend Zombie Buy Halloween Campaign Here is a great example of how real experiences can create amazing viral content to spread a message. Demonstrated by the Dermablend ‘Go Beyond the Cover’ Halloween campaign, shock tactics to increase brand recall and an annual event to inspire a campaign are a match made in heaven.

This creative behind the scene advert subverts the usual trend of dressing up for Halloween. Rather, it demonstrates the excellent coverage of Dermablend makeup, disguising the heavily tattooed Zombie Boy as a relatively ordinary looking guy!

Shot with beautiful cinematic effect and an excellent soundtrack to boot, this is one ad that you cannot help but watch – the disguised Zombie Boy begins to scrub at his ordinary-looking skin, slowly revealing his true tattooed torso beneath a Dermablend mask.

Great imagery, creative camera shots, and a fantastic underlying story line bring this excellent Halloween inspired campaign to life.

Take a look for yourself!

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