Celebrating Creativity #82 – Nike

Nike Jordan Melo M8 Experiential Event We love projection mapping events and we have already brought up some great examples of digital creativity. However, Nike has added a new twist to the experiential projection mapping craze that has taken the brand world by storm.

For the launch of the new Jordan Melo M8 basketball trainers, Nike created a river side experiential campaign in NYC, enticing consumers with an outdoor launch party, coupled with DJ, light effects and basketball hoops.

In a shocking beginning to the eagerly awaited light show, a branded helicopter flew overhead, and in perfect in time with the music, a diver jumped from the air into the Hudson river. To the sound of cheers from the audience, a giant projection of Melo performing basketball tricks exploded from the water, the fountains behind helping to create the effect of movement and fluidity.

This popular campaign is demonstrative of true audience engagement, generating an exciting atmosphere and buzz using creative experiential techniques to great effect.

Check out the amazing video below!

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