Celebrating Creativity #78 – Bristol-Myers

Ice Sculptures Experiential Awareness Campaign We love it when we come across a great example of a striking awareness campaign!

Rather than using strong images to raise the subject of skin cancer, Bristol-Myers Squibb created a brilliant experiential campaign which delivers the message in the same powerful way.

Every year in Spain, 700 people lose their lives to advanced melanoma, due to extensive sun exposure without using sun cream. Within the tagline ‘700 lives that disappear’, the agency Bungalow 25 placed 700 ice sculptures picturing real people in different locations around Madrid. Because of the sun, the statues started melting, representing the loss of human lives.

With a mixture of art and advertising, people couldn’t help but take notice of the message. The campaign also achieved large-scale media coverage, making it even more powerful. Have a look at the video below.


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