Celebrating Creativity #73 – Levi’s

Levi's Ass Cam - Experiential This is another great example of how a fun experiment can turn into a successful viral video. Levi’s equipped two models with a hidden camera in the back of their jeans, roaming in the streets of LA capturing everyone who were checking out their butts. Sure enough, the experiment caught everyone from girls to guys sneaking a peek.

The video went viral without any connection to the brand, although Levi’s later on described the ad as a “grassroots experiment” with an aim to create engaging content. This harks over to experiential, and so we salute Levi’s for activating a brand engagement campaign which subsequently engaged hundreds of “Youtubers” to follow in the footsteps of the “Rear View Girl”.

The unbranded video to promote the Levi’s Curve ID range worked on many levels. It was innovative, creative and playful. Check out how did Levi’s play with the “rear view” experiment.

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