Celebrating Creativity #70 – Dodge

Dodge Treasure Hunt Experiential We recently commented on a new trend consisting of brands adapting urban treasure hunts to engage consumers to experience the brand at a new level. This is another example of a treasure hunt style campaign, appealing to consumer’s emotions, encouraging people to embrace a real-life brand experience for a chance to win a car.

Who would say no to a free car? I certainly wouldn’t.

With the tagline “you find it, you keep it”, the American car brand Dodge wanted to give people “an authentic real-wold experience” and to achieve that, Dodge have hidden three Journey crossovers across America in the West, Midwest and East. On their Youtube channel, people can find a series of video clues and embark on a real-life journey to find one of the three hidden cars.

We love the idea of treasure-hunt campaigns that engages consumers to actively participate in real-life experiences. By merging online and offline world, you can amplify your experience and create exciting content to send your message across.

Check out the amazing journey of the first car’s discovery!

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