Celebrating Creativity #58 – Living Social

The Living Social Experiential Taxi Taxis are becoming more than just a simple mobile billboard, turning into a experiential channel to engage with consumers on a one-to-one level. Just look at what the discount website Livingsocial.com has been doing in London recently.

To promote its daily deals services in the UK, Living Social has launched an experiential campaign using a fully branded cab offering the passengers a chance to experience the website’s deals for themselves.

Once in the cab, the driver presented the passengers with a challenge – either they carry on with their journey or roll a virtual dice to go for an exciting mystery Living Social experience. The deals included a pole dancing session, test drive in a luxury car, chess boxing and an amazing wildlife experience!

Have a look at this very smart and fun experiment on the video below. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who has shared the ride, we would love to hear from you! Tweet us @Hotcow.

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