Celebrating Creativity #54 – Febreze

Febreze The Breathe Happy Social Experiments Experiential Marketing aims to spread the word from consumers’ personal experiences and this little gem from Febreze is a great example of proving that real experiences can generate some amazing content for advertising.

The Proctor & Gamble fragrances brand has launched “The Breathe Happy Social Experiments” in order to prove that Febreze can eliminate the toughest of odours.

They went out on a search for the smelliest places in New York, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires and selected different spots ranging from a filthy kitchen to a dumped couch and a sketchy hostel bedroom to conduct the “real” experiment by inviting people off the streets.

They had sprayed all the places and objects with Febreze scents and blindfolded the participants so they could tell what exactly they were smelling.

The participant’s reaction once they removed the blindfold were just great! Check out the full case-study on the video below. If you want to view the full versions of each video, click here.

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