Celebrating Creativity #38 – V Energy

V Energy Paintball Machine Experiential marketing is proving to be one of the best tools to engage and inspire consumers to generate a buzz and create content. V Energy came up with a creative marketing stunt to promote their energy drink in New Zealand.

The brand built a huge paintball machine mounted onto the back of a truck and rolled it out onto the streets of Auckland with the large paintball cannon whilst hitting spots on the move.

They used 840 gun barrels and thousands of hand crafted paintballs to ambush a yellow character painted on the wall with just one shoot.

MythBusters have tested this experiment before on a demonstration event where they painted a picture of Mona Lisa in less then one second.

Although we could not see any connection between the paintball art and V Energy brand the experiential activity is still very cool.

The guerrilla marketing went viral on three edited videos which picture the whole process of creation and testing. The campaign is integrated with social media platforms to allow users to create their own art work using a virtual paintball machine.

Check out the behind the scenes video of this giant paintball cannon on wheels! Another live action is scheduled for June in a secret location in New Zealand.

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