Celebrating Creativity #31 – Brastemp

Brastemp's radio experience in Sao Paulo We have featured some great experiential marketing campaigns on this blog and this one followed the trend and certainly brought a smile to our faces!

Our new brazilian intern has wasted no time in putting her stamp on our blog! She told us about this little gem from Sao Paulo where 11 radio stations came together, on behalf of Brastemp home appliances, to bring a bit of happiness to people’s days.

The brand’s outlook is that of the inspiration of a light and happy routine so they brightened up the stressful morning commute by getting the radio stations to simultaneously broadcast a story that invited drivers to smile at the people in the next car.

The footage of the event may or may not be contrived – we would like to think not. Either way, we love the way the idea engaged drivers emotionally, changed their routine and caused a bit of commotion. The sense of community they developed amongst all the traffic was brilliant and in our opinion made what must have been a hefty media spend for all that air time, ultimately worth it!

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