Celebrating Creativity #29 – Be your own souvenir

Be your own souvenir! If you have ever been to Barcelona, you will probably have been to La Rambla – the 1.2km pedestrian mall in the centre of the city.

Popular with both tourists and locals alike, it is full of artists, human statues and other street performers. Sounds pretty hard to stand out from the crowd right?!

blablabLAB in spain produced this great installation using openKinect technology. Its title, “Be your own souvenir” pretty much did what it said on the tin. People got a 360 degree scan of themselves using the technology which was then printed in 3D creating a small figurine of themselves!

You can’t get a more experiential souvenir than that!

We always talk about breaking through the clutter. Just one look at this video shows how engaged people were by this experience. A great use of a new technology.

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