Celebrating Creativity #28 – Red Bull

Red Bull's Air Drop Here’s a bit of experiential goodness from the US by one of the ultimate experience-based brands, Red Bull.

They asked creative agency Owen and Stork to come up with a memorable, original sampling campaign that would engage consumers and give them something to talk about.

The solution? The Red Bull Airdrop!

Why do we love this campaign? Well, it is pretty remarkable and buzz from the installation clearly spread very quickly in each location – a rogue air drop was always bound to get people talking!

The brand message was emblazoned on to the side of the box so consumer knew exactly who was running the activity and reinforced its brand message.

One of the really clever things about it is that like a lot of guerrilla marketing, cost was very low. No staff had to be employed and the whole experience was entirely consumer led – engaging with the activity was completely on their terms.

Never ones to miss a trick, Red Bull also filmed the event from a secret camera inside the box as well as around the activity, resulting in the video below and plenty of footage for amplification!

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