Chocolatier Anthon Berg are at it again – giving out free delicious chocolate samples in a very creative way!

You may remember back in March last year when they hosted the ‘Generous Store’ in Copenhagen where they created a pop up store which didn’t take cards or cash as payments, but instead consumers could pay with a promise of a generous deed to a friend or loved one.

This time around, created by Robert/Boisen & Like-minded,  Anthon Berg have launched the ‘Generous Upgrader’ – good chocolate for bad seats, and focused on travellers at Copenhagen Airport.

Passengers were invited to scan their boarding pass in a customised machine created with SeatGuru. If it detected their seat to be awful, they were rewarded with a large pack of delicious chocolate with extra treats including an eye mask and inflatable pillow. Those with okay seats didn’t miss out and were handed smaller samples.

Flying cattle-class probably never felt so good! Great creative work once again by Anthon Berg.


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