Celebrating Creativity #193 – NIVEA


Here is a clever and very stressful PR stunt by German Nivea and ad agency Felix & Lamberti to promote a line of deodorants called ‘Stress Protect’ by pranking and stressing people out at an airport in Germany and film the results.

They made innocent people believe that the police was after them by secretly taking pictures of them while they were sitting down in the terminals, then printed out fake news papers for actors to read near them with the pranked person’s picture on the front page and a headlines saying that this person was wanted and on the run.
At the same time a news report would come on TV running the same picture and the police saying they were ‘dangerous and unpredictable’.
At the end of the prank security personnel approached the victim with a silver suitcase and opened it to reveal Nivea’s new deodorant ‘Stress Protect”.

Watch these victims stress levels visibly grow during this prank. Is this a clever or cruel PR stunt? Tweet us your thoughts @Hotcow!

In a comment on Youtube Nivea claims they made sure the people they pranked were healthy enough to take part and had their friends trick them to the airport.

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