Celebrating Creativity #164 – Sony

Sony Xperia Cinema Stunt Here’s a nice cinema stunt from Sony in Sweden to promote their waterproof smartphone Xperia Acro S.

When cinema-goers gathered to watch the new James Bond film Skyfall in Stockholm, the audience were handed a cup of soda before entering the cinema hall. What they didn’t know was that, floating inside several of the sodas, were Xperia Acro S smartphones, hidden by Sony.

Before the start of the film, audience members were told by a disembodied voice that some of them might be the “lucky devils” with a prize in their soda – the new waterproof Xperia Acro S. When phones started ringing, people started pulling Xperias our of their drinks.

Great way to demonstrate the product features and waterproof capability of the new Sony device? What do you think? Tweet us your thoughts @Hotcow!

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