Celebrating Creativity #15 – Telstra

Telstra's Cabbie-oke experiential campaign Australian Telecoms company Telstra activated one of the best experiential experiential marketing of last year by giving people an experience they would never forget!

“Cabbie-oke” turned an ordinary cab ride in Melbourne or Sydney in to the full karaoke experience, complete with a dance floor, disco balls and cameras to record the experience!

This was a seriously good idea. By making a truly remarkable, immersive and unforgettable experience out of a menial every-day occurrence, Telstra became the talk of the town, and had plenty of people uploading their videos to the Cabbie-oke Youtube channel.

Brand and advertising director Chantal Walker said that Telstra are “coming up with ways of encouraging people to take another look at our brand, to change their perceptions of it and cast it in a contemporary, more dynamic light.
This is the start of a wonderful new way of doing things, that will stand out from the crowd and complement our ‘normal’ marketing activities.” See Chantal explain more in the video below.

It sounds like Telstra have not only come up with a great campaign but have a good grip on the place experiential holds in their marketing and communications plan. We are definitely excited to see what they come up with next!

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