Celebrating Creativity #135 – Missoni

Missoni PR Stunt This is a clever PR Stunt from fashion brand Missoni, which was created to generate buzz around Target’s Missoni collection during the New York Fashion Week in 2011.

Months before the NYFW, the brand created a character – a young Italian blogger named Little Marina who love fashion and Missoni. After she gained popularity by posting a sneak peek of the Missoni for Target collaboration, the brand then decided to send Little Marina to New York to help launch the new collection.

What people didn’t know is that Little Marina was actually a 25-foot animated doll, marketing stunt!

During the Fashion Week, Little Marina made appearances in Times Square and other locations. With iPhone in hand and four puppeteers operating her moves, she tweeted, responded to texts and even acted as a Wi-Fi hotspot for those in the area.

Check out the video below and the ‘making of’ from ADI studio who designed and fabricated the animated doll.

Little Marina ‘Making of’

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