If you’re looking for new, innovative experiential marketing and branding ideas, maybe you should follow in the footsteps of Mercedes, BMW, Mini, Barclays and Disney – they’ve all taken their brands on tour, in a unique, state-of-the-art exhibition vehicle.


The ‘Clear Idea’ Lorry is a transparent vehicle, equipped with on-scene lighting, an HD sound system, air-conditioning and step access. The custom made shatter proof polycarbonate gives the the lorry its premium look and the transparency of the vehicle makes it an ideal mobile showroom for brands looking to raise brand awareness and engage their audience with an eye-catching platform.

The platform is completely versatile – the space can be turned into anything, from a mobile bar or catwalk.

The Clear Idea lorry’s latest outing was for fashion brand Very.co.uk. As part of a £600,000 Very Beauty Bus tour campaign, the online fashion retailer transformed the vehicle into a mobile beauty salon, where members of the public could hop aboard to receive a free beauty treatment.


The Very Beauty bus also had an Instagram photo booth, where people could share photos of their makeovers and print them out directly from the social network. The photographs were also beamed onto digital billboards in the cities where the road show was taking place.

The campaign was designed to make women feel good when they go out and Very.co.uk wanted to be at the heart of this “getting ready” moment with their campaign. The Clear Idea lorry gave them the opportunity to visit consumers across the country and communicate with their target market in a truly innovative, experiential way.

Willie the LCD Bus: The Future of Experiential Bus Advertising?

It might be a clever mass-transit concept with a silly sounding name, but the “Willie” bus is intended to transform city landscapes everywhere, and it could also change the way we advertise.


The brain-child of designer Tad Orlowski, the ‘Willie’ bus is a futuristic concept that completely replaces the outer walls of the bus with large transparent LCD screens. Part mobile billboard, part rolling information centre, the screens can be used to display a variety of information, such as paid advertising, live news coverage or route information.

This concept has not yet been explored, due to the potential safety risks it poses. The eye-catching graphics could be distracting to other drivers and playing videos in areas where the target audience will be at the wheel of a car raises some concerns. The concept does however stand as a starting point to the future designs of transportation and communications.

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